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Welcome To AppVisor The Official PAD® 4.0 Online Platform!

New PAD Version 4.0 Supports Windows 8, Rich Media Links, Social Networking, and More – Upgrade Now!

AppVisor is the “all new official updated” replacement of the existing PAD platform, using the latest PAD Specification, version 4.0.  Please note PADGEN and PADManager are no longer supported with the new v4.0 Specification. 

AppVisor provides various tools and services under the  supervision of the Association of Software Professionals. The new AppVisor.com platform and PAD v4.0 update offers:

“PAD” is  a certified registered trademark of the ASP. “PADGen”, and “PADKit” are also registered trademarks of the Association of Shareware Professionals in the United States and/or other countries. Please refer to “PAD Rights, Requirements, and Usage Guidelines” on the ASP PAD website.  All contents are Copyright ©2013 AppVisor.com. Parts Association of Software Professionals. All Rights Reserved, 2013.

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