Author: Joel Diamond

NEW: On-line cross-platform PAD Builder and Publication Manager

Once you successfully register on the platform, you can begin to either create new v4.0 PAD files for your application or update your pre-existing PAD v3.11 file to v4.00.

First, create your “Brand”, then proceed with creating a product. If you import a pre-existing PAD file for your application, you can immediately fill out the new content fields supported in the latest PAD Specification – these include video links, and social network links. You can also update the operating systems support for your application with Windows 8.0.

The AppVisor On-line PAD Validator will provide you with real-time validation across every PAD field. The Validator will immediately identify any field that does not adhere to the specification, allowing you to correct your submitted field information.  If there is a problem with your file you will receive prompt notification of what was invalid or missing and suggestions to complete the process. When your PAD file is completed and ready to publish, it will be submitted for publication to the Global PAD Repository. Every application PAD file will be reviewed by individually inspected and authenticated by the AppVisor review team to ensure that it meets all requirements for the Global PAD Repository.

NEW: Social Networking Links in PAD v4.0

The PAD v4.0 Specification now features support for the addition of social networking links for both your application and  your company. This includes Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+.

This assumes that you have created home pages or accounts to support these links. If you haven’t yet created a social network presence with a Facebook, Twitter or other social page for your company or application then your not marketing fully to potential consumers. All of these social networking platforms offer numerous benefits of maintaining contact with existing customers while also offering a broad  communication network to reach new customers.

As PAD v4.0 standard expands its support to new channels,  as well as existing PAD supported sites, we’ll be adding additional support for more social network links. This will also improve your own website’s ranking and search results.

NEW: Rich Media Links in Your PAD file

PAD4 now supports links that publishers can add using the new video links, using the 2 new fields, <VideoLink1URL/> and <VideoLink2URL/>.  These links can be hosted on both internet’s popular video portals including Vimeo and YouTube  or hosted on their own website. The most popular forms of video content for an application are demos of your application while the second most popular use for video are reviews. Finally, if you’ve created tutorials for your application, they can serve the same purpose as demos.

For publishers needing video editing tools to produce application tutorials or demos, the two most popular professional tools are  TechSmith Corporation’s Camtasia Suite and Deskshare’s MyScreenRecorder Pro.




Windows 8, Windows RT and Updated OS Support

Microsoft’s  operating system updates, Windows 8 and Windows  RT, were released on October 26, 2012. The existing PAD v3.11 specification and its companion validator, do not include support for either OS. Software Portals, Catalog Sites and related Directories that haven’t updated to  PAD4 and rely on v3.11, will have to upgrade with full PAD4 support, to update their product listing submissions by publishers who do use PAD v4.0.

Our mission is to support both the software developers and existing PAD supporting sites to migrate their PAD files and submission tools to the v4.0, making it easy for end users to see what products are legitimately compatible with Windows 8. However, the release of third-party “Metro” like apps, which are designed for Windows RT hardware platforms as well as Windows 8’s App Store, isn’t yet supported under PAD4. The next major specification update to PAD, v4.1, will include PAD settings for applications that are part of the Microsoft Windows 8/RT AppStore, with direct links to Microsoft’s official online home page for the application.

Both the ASP PAD Committee and members of the AppVisor team welcome suggestions and any proposed changes to both new, existing operating systems featured in the PAD Specification. ASP members are invited to participate in the Association of Software Professionals’ PAD Committee Forum and post their questions and suggestions there.