The AppVisor Mission

Written by Joel Diamond on . Posted in About AppVisor

AppVisor is the result of strategic agreement between WUGNET Publications Inc and the Association of Software Professionals (ASP). The mission is to address the growing needs of the global software publisher and members and the ASP who use the specification, “PAD”. There are well over 40,000 software publishers and nearly 2000 websites currently dependent on the PAD standard for downloadable software applications. Appvisor was formed to meet the growing needs of today’s changing market and to update, enhance and support the PAD platform.

AppVisor has partnered with award winning software developer Mykola Rudenko, author of the world’s #1 software submission tool, Robosoft, to create a complete web-based platform to support the latest PAD Specification v4.0. This new specification adds critical new security resources for publishers and websites, new content  including video, social networking support, state-the-of-art promotion (submission) services, and finally, the official PAD Global Repository of “Applications”. The repository features “certified” PAD files, ensuring that ALL the information in a publishers file has been reviewed and authenticated. The repository can be found on

The ASP’s PADGEN v3.11, a free desktop PAD authoring tool, will no longer be supported under PAD v4.0 and in it’s place, publishers should immediately register their company on AppVisor’s Publishers gateway and conrol panel, Once registered, publishers will be able to access AppVisor’s many tools for submission, promotion, SEO, PAD analytics (real time tracking of distribution, downloads and access) of their applications listed on PAD supported sites).

The ASP’s PADKIT, a set of scripts and API designed for websites who wish to build a software website, was last updated in 2006. Over 2000 websites currently are built on software application listings, which are based on the software publisher’s PAD file. It’s estimated that there are 250,000 or so PAD files, mostly made up of Windows, followed by Mac, and Linux. The former “PAD REPOSITORY” and previously hosted on ASP website hosted was an open-access database of PAD files. This database, had an accumuliated database of 150,000 submitted PAD files.

“PAD”, “PADGen”, and “PADKit” are trademarks of the Association of Shareware Professionals in the United States and/or other countries. “PAD” is also a certified registered trademark.