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AppVisor Update, May 2016

Appvisor is pleased to announce that over that over 20,000 software publishers are now using the AppVisor and PAD platforms to power their global online distribution of their software titles. Over 50,000 application titles and web-based applications are now part of AppVisor official repository, http://repository.appvisor.com.  With the latest release of Windows 10, the potential new apps to the AppVisor platform could potentially triple by the end of 2016. We will be expanding our catalog to expand listings covering Windows, Macintosh, Web and Mobile platforms.

Thousands of editorial sites covering software, download sites, search engines, affiliate networks, directory listings rely on Appvisor’s database of on the developer provided PAD content that forms the basis of distribution of these products. . It is one of our priority goals to pursue new international language channels for promotion and distribution, while also exploring how our app catalog can be part of official “app store” catalogs. Please refer to our PADSITES.ORG site for the latest updates to existing sites.

Apple Announces Major Change to Affiliate Program

If you you’ve signed up for the Apple Affiliate Program, you may have learned that Apple is leaving the Linkshare affiliate network with plans to replace it with "Performance Horizon Group (PHG). Unknown to us, Apple also had another affiliate solution with third party DGM Networks, but Apple is also abandoning this for PHG as well. The loss of Apple on Linkshare may be a shock; but remember that Linkshare remains an invaluable affiliate network, supporting software publishers since Microsoft remains a premier client. Linkshare will continue to be supported in the PAD Specification.

Apple is advising existing affiliates migrating to the new network so they can maintain earning existing commissions, while replacing their Linkshare and DGM links before October 1st, 2013. It is almost certain that PHG will be under evaluation for official addition to the PAD Specification by this date.

Apple is claiming three main benefits to PHG over existing terms with it’s affiliates. First, the standard commission will be increased from 5% to 7%. Second, affiliates will earn commissions on purchases within a 24 hours period. (We didn’t know that commissions were only earned when they occurred in real time). Third, improved global affiliate tracking support will allow commissions from purchases from Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Japan and more. The Apple iTunes affiliate signup to the PHG Program for existing affiliates is available here: http://affiliate.itunes.apple.com/apply

The Apple Itunes affiliate signup to the PHG Program for existing affiliates is available here: http://affiliate.itunes.apple.com/apply