The Decline of IOS/Apple, Growth of Android

Written by Joel Diamond on . Posted in Blog

Gartner has reported that the growth of Android platform and the APPs released for the platform are increasing, while they report that there is a clear decline of Apple and the IOS mobile operating system. As recent as the second quarter in 2016, Apple saw a near 8% decline in sales in North America and Europe. Both China and Asia Pacific regions dropped by 25%. So, what do these latest figure to the markets for IOS Apps? When marketshare for IOS drops, sales of Apps for that platform follows. And that is what is taking place for IOS App developers. New IOS made up 14.6 share of the market from 2nd Qtr, 2015 to 12.8% of the 2nd Qtr, 2016.

Gartner also reports declines in both mobile Windows and Blackberry, with Windows dropping 2.5% in 2015 to .06% in 2015.  And as expected, Blackberry doesn’t justify reporting here.