On-Line PAD Validator

PAD Validator is a part of the PAD SDK package. It's a PHP class that you can use in the scripts on your website to validate PAD files. This ensures the accuracy and validity of every software submission on our app promotion service.

Download the On-Line PAD Validator Source Code

The ZIP archive contains a required PHP library (the "includes" folder) and a sample validator script (validate.php).

With the PAD 4.0 specification, updating validation is made easier for the download site operators. It not only checks the XML structure validity but also verifies the data itself. This ensures a robust PAD-spam protection mechanism to reduce faulty software promotions. 

Starting from version 4.0 of the PAD specification, all PAD files must be hosted in the Global PAD repository. Each PAD in the Global PAD Repository gets validated and is manually verified by live operators from our app promotions service. Basically, to validate a PAD file now, you just need to make 2 simple checks:

  1. Make sure that the actual URL of a PAD file matches the URL specified in the Application_XML_File_URL field.
  2. Make sure that PAD comes from an authorized source (the Global PAD Repository)

Below is a basic PAD validation code. Please use the validate.php code for real-world applications.

//First, we create a PAD object and pass the URL of a PAD file that we need to validate
$PAD = new PADFile($URL);

//Loading PAD from URL

//Next, we create a Validator object and pass the URL of the current PAD specification
$PADValidator = new PADValidator("https://repository.appvisor.com/padspec/files/padspec40.xml");

//Finally, we validate the PAD file against the current PAD specification
$nErrors = $PADValidator->Validate($PAD);
if ( $nErrors == 0 ) echo "The PAD file is valid"

Don't hesitate to contact us should you have any questions regarding the On-Line PAD Validator code usage!