PAD® Certification

Why does the PAD® Platform Need Certification?
Our goal is to provide an easy-to-use app promotion service that is as uniform as possible, so you get the most of your software submission. To ensure quality, we follow a simple certification plan for your software promotion that helps to:

  • Eliminate Fraud and Secure the Publisher's Content - As much as 70% of new software applications submitted to web software portals are fraudulent or illegal digital content. The rise of offshore software publishers from third-world and developing countries, who publish software with little understanding of international trademark and copyright law. We work hard to end these frauds and duplication.
  • Eliminate PAD Spam - Like fraud, many illicit third parties attempt to use the PAD platform to submit software promotions to PAD sites. They hope to generate product listings that may benefit their illegal affiliate links. This impacts our valued client's ability to grow with legitimate software applications while increasing the time and costs to review PAD submissions.
  • Provide Security to both Ecommerce Providers and Affiliates - We are proud to support the entire ecosystem of app distribution and publishing. That includes using our submit PAD platform to ensure ecommerce links and solutions included in an application PAD file are legitimate.
  • Provide Tech Support to Publishers - With an estimated 50,000+ publishers currently basing their online marketing and distribution of software products with PAD files, adding certification will allow updates and expansion of the PAD specification for the entire community. Critical and premium support can be delivered through annual certification fees.
  • Enhance the PAD Repository to Provide New Capabilities and Support - utilize the PAD Repository to track, report, and access PAD files that are legitimate and certified. Enhancements to the PAD Repository include options for using HTTPS secure links, virtual PAD content tracking, and support for PAD Extensions.
  • Improve PAD Authoring and Validation Tools - This consists of licensing legitimate third-party tools and service providers who use the PAD platform without authorization from the ASP. With expanded support for new categories and fields introduced to the specification, the PAD authoring platform will need to be enhanced and updated. A major goal is to migrate the existing desktop submit PAD authoring tools to one single web portal tool. This will reduce costs and enhance capabilities for publishers and pad-supported sites. This includes improved integration with the current ASP PAD Validation tools and Quality Assurance support for PAD submission websites.